Monday, April 21, 2008

Celts Gear Up For 08 Postseason Run - by Rob Soares

I am pleased to present the first of what I hope will be a great deal of articles by Rob Soares, a die hard Celtics fan and sadly a Red Sox fan as well.

Following the eight-player blockbuster deal that sent Kevin Garnett to Boston in the latter part of this past summer in addition to the pre-acquired Ray Allen during the NBA draft, I think it’s safe to say that the general consensus among Celtics fans heading into the season was still a fairly modest one, with expectations of making the playoffs and hopefully winning a series or two as the new team learned to play together during its first season. However, expectations and hopes rose almost immediately as the Celts started the season off on an 8-game win streak (last NBA team to be defeated), and since then have owned the NBA’s best record throughout the entire season. As the season progressed, more and more positive things started happening for the team that gave fans more and more reason to expect a championship in 2008…KG immediately made the big impact that was expected from him, all season he has put up MVP numbers that have been just slightly below his norm throughout his long career with the T-wolves.
With two other superstars surrounding him, Paul Pierce immediately looked “re-energized” and ready to do whatever he was called upon to do for the team, something he’s done all season long. While it was expected that the big 3 would continue to perform like all-stars and carry the team, it was not as expected that many role-players would come into their own and fill in the gaps off the bench. (Guys like: Glen Davis, Leon Powe, Tony Allen) These guys and the rest of the team would step it up while the team missed KG from January 27 up until the All-Star break, going 7-2 during that span. The Celtics defense, which was the biggest question mark coming into the season, has excelled all season and actually been the C’s forte in 07-08 being the NBA’s best, at least statistically-speaking.

If you look back on all the championship caliber teams throughout NBA history, you’ll find several things in common amongst them. First is a big time scorer and “go-to-guy,” in which the Celtics have a surplus. Secondly is a strong supporting cast and role-players. Players like James Posey, Eddie House, Tony Allen, Leon Powe, etc have fit in and adjusted to their roles on this Celtics team perfectly…a credit to coach Doc Rivers. Thirdly is the aforementioned team defense. Throughout the course of the season, the Celtics have held opponents to 90.2 points per game, a 41.9% field goal percentage, 31.5% from behind the arc and they sport an average point differential of +10.24 ppg…all of which are good for tops in the league. In addition, they allow opponents just 38.92 rebounds per game (2nd in the NBA) and have a +3.06 rebound per game differential (4th). Point: The Celts can play some serious defense, and do it better than the vast majority of teams in the league. The fourth thing you find in many championship teams is team chemistry and experience. The C’s have proven to have team chemistry throughout most if not all 82 games of this season. Experience on the other hand is something they lack, which is huge come playoff time. I don’t mean individual experience of course, having several guys on the roster with over 10 years on their NBA resume, but experience as a team. The Celtics’ +10 point per game differential tells you two things. One is that the Celtics dominated opponents this year (and that they played in the JV league AKA Eastern Conference), and that is certainly a positive thing. But the second thing it screams is that the Celtics really haven’t been tested or challenged a whole lot this year. I know there are more, but I can think of only about 5 or 6 Celts games off the top of my head this season where I was on the edge of my seat with hands covering my mouth, or standing up nearly on top of my T.V. screaming obscenities, or jumping up and down over a critical late-game play sending my downstairs neighbor up-a-knocking (he’s lucky we’re only weeks into Red Sox season). My point is that the Celts will be tested in the playoffs, and often…they won’t have to wait for a Western Conference opponent. Maybe it won’t happen much in the first round, but come conference semi’s and conference finals I fully expect to see many games going down to the wire; this is where lack of playoff experience as a single unit can come into play. Since the C’s do not yet have playoff experience together as a team, we will learn about the composure of the young players who have done their jobs and fulfilled their roles nicely all season, as well as the true coaching ability of Doc Rivers.
There is one last thing that comes to mind when thinking about what championship teams are made of. They can be found in many (maybe not all) championship squads. These are X-factors or make-it-or-break-it factors that sneak in under the radar and play a big roll in a team’s championship run. Kind of like Robert Horry’s ability to hit huge clutch threes for just about every playoff team he’s played for, or a rising star like Daniel Gibson for last year’s Cavaliers who steps up and provides a big boost. So here’s what I come up with when thinking of what the X-factors for the Celtics will be:

1. The play of sophomore point guard Rajon Rondo. No real elaboration needed here. It’s not too hard to see that the performance of Rondo [on both ends of the floor] could be the single most important make-it-or-break-it factor in the Celtics playoff success. If he continues to play like he has for about 85% of the year, the C’s are in real good shape. On the other hand if he does not and is affected by playoff pressure or a lack of experience then their offensive flow is vastly disrupted and it could spell doom for the Celts.

2. Sam Cassell and Eddie House tandem. I’m not exactly sure how often Doc intends to put a unit on the floor that includes these two players, but I feel they compliment each other nicely. The acquisition of Cassell in and of itself is big for more obvious reasons: He brings a great amount of experience and leadership, he can score in bunches, and he is a “true point guard” to back up Rondo…something that Tony Allen and Eddie House are not in my opinion. The part of the Sam Cassell pickup that is less obvious, and that I think can play a big role in the success of the Celtics bench is that he allows Eddie House to play the position where he is the most comfortable and accustomed to...shooting guard. Anybody who didn’t know much about Eddie House prior to him becoming a Boston Celtic now knows that he is a lethal scorer and can be a premier sharpshooter. However throughout the better part of the season, he has been asked to play the role of ball-handler and backing up Rondo at the point guard spot. This is not where House is at his best, and I think it’s partly taken him out of his comfort zone. Having another true point guard in Sam Cassell who can distribute the basketball allows House to roam free on the perimeter and gives the Celtics the option of running him off screens and such, presenting different scoring opportunities. Having Eddie’s shooting ability off the bench is a big asset for the C’s and should be used optimally; His ability to score in bunches can A.) Keep the Celtics from ever falling too far behind in the middle stages of games, and B.) Draw the team closer by closing the gap on a deficit quickly even if they are to fall behind by double-digits.

3. Backup Big Men: Leon Powe and Glen Davis. I love these guys and the effort they show on both ends of the court (although clearly not as much as Tommy Heighnson does). To me these are the two guys who have perhaps over achieved the most for the Celtics this year. They love to dive for a loose ball (Tommy Point!), scrap for offensive rebounds and second-chance points, and are glad to step into the painted area to take a charge. In addition, both of these guys benefit enormously from having a guy named Paul Pierce on the floor with them. Powe and Davis have a tremendous ability to find the open spot down low and free themselves up for an easy pass and layup, and Paul Pierce is all about penetrating to get to the hoop and when he does, he often finds Powe or Davis waiting for the bucket after the double team comes to stop Pierce. These two things go together like lamb & tuna fish (maybe spaghetti & meatball?).
I think most Celtics fans were almost afraid to set expectations so high as to expect an NBA championship in the first year of this new-look team. But with the way this team has played all season and after fans have witnessed the single biggest NBA record turnaround from one season to the next (24-58 to 66-16), it’s hard not to have that “championship or bust” mentality… and why not?

Some of my quick (and very non-professional) predictions:
The Celts drop a game to the youthful Hawks in Atlanta but get by with relative ease winning in five games. I think the Wizards/Cavs series will be a close one and could go either way, but Lebron does his thing and the Cavs come away winners then lose to the Celts in six. Home court advantage should be the difference maker in a Celtics/Pistons series that should be a great one. Celts win game 7 in a very, very rowdy TD BankNorth Garden. The Celtics then meet up with the LA Lakers in a series that will be perfect for the game of basketball and should restore the NBA back to the glory days of the past. I get chills thinking about it…
- Rob Soares

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Weather Special!!!

In honor of today's great weather, here are some classic jams for you to enjoy. Ill be trying to coax classmates into going to Newport on a biddy cruise. What, that doesnt sound enticing??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the Hell???

Yankees are awful right now. More tomorrow.

*logs off angrily*

AZ Rap City Freestyle 4-8-08

Check out this AZ shit right here, dope new album called Undeniable in stores NOW. Go grab that.

Song of the Day: Binary Star - Glen Close (Classic)

This is a REAL dope song from Binary Star, one of the illest piano samples and loops that I've heard in a while. Give it a listen and then listen to more Binary Star and more One Be Lo

Mets Get Rick Rolled

This is the best thing I've seen in a LONG time. Thank you internet for blessing us with the art of online petitions so that we can Rick Roll underachieving sports teams. If the Bruins lose embarrassingly to the Canadiens this week, I think we might have to Rick Roll them just for losing. Also, does anyone else find it hilarious that Rick Astley is more popular than he has ever been in his storied career. Chalk it up to the World Wide Web.

Burns' Top 10 Teams/Athletes That Need to Be Rick Rolled:

10. Philadelphia Flyers
9. San Antonio Spurs
8. Tiger Woods
7. Shaquille O'neal
6. Boston Red Sox (better than Neil Diamond)
5. San Diego Chargers
4. Toronto Maple Leafs
3. Duke Blue Devils
2. Tim Welsh's ON Demand System - It could be like "Isaiah Thomas' guide to Zone Defense...Welsh clicks on it...."Aint no stranger to know the rules and so do IIIII" Although Welsh would like that too much

1. Indianapolis Colts

UMASS With Another Absurd Display

Saw this on and frankly, I am not the least bit surprised.

Umass is celebrating the fact that they are the 66th best basketball team in the country by selling NIT finalists shirts. Who the hell does this, really? This is the same school that had a riot when their division I-AA team went to the finals of their league. I can understand a Division 1 National Championship guys, but why the hell would you create these shirts. Seriously this is just absurd, can you imagine a "2007 New England Patriots Super Bowl Participants Shirt". How many Memphis Tigers' "2008 Runner Up" are being proudly worn in Tennessee. I wonder if those assclowns from western Mass rioted when Ohio State crushed their dreams of mediocrity during the NIT.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting UMASS a number of times. Go to the bars there, and if you don't laugh your ass off at the patrons of these fine establishments, you may be socially retarded. Johnny College over here with his pitcher of Miller Lite leaning with it and then rocking with it, Tipsy McStagger falling over the dance floor in a rhythm-less fashion, while grilling your date and chest bumping you. High School All Stars and Gym Class Heroes whose affinity for mid level sports rivals their affinity for hair gel and Growing Up Gotti wardrobes. It's no wonder I wanted to fight half these idiots. And if you purchased one of these shirts, I want to fight you too.

So have fun Umass with your middle of the road athletics, or you can wait for your team to do something of merit before making an ass out of yourself, your university, and your parents. I heard the tennis team is doing well this year. Whats gonna happen when you go to the championships? "FUCKING RAAAAGEEE...did you see that ACE? Shit was Money!!!" Calm down, everyone is laughing at you.

Oh yea, and we're about to take your coach, bitches.

The Immortal Stacey Dash...PICS

Stacey Dash is one of the hottest women on the planet. And shes 42!

The Providence College Mens BBall Program is So Pathetic...

*Crowd yells*


The Providence College Mens BBall program is still trying to find that coach that can lead the Friars back to the promised land. You know a .500 record in the Big East. Ever since the cancer known as Tim Welsh ravaged what should be a good program, people seem to be afraid to coach here, or have anything to do with the program for that matter.

Welsh was fired on March 15, giving me an early birthday present and giving the city of Providence something to talk about while the 2008 baseball season is still in its infancy. The coaching search is going embarrassingly to say the least, as former Friar Jim Larranaga turned down a shitload of money to stay at George Mason, away from the hustle and bustle of the Big East and free from criticism from Friar fans.

The coaching search was further derailed when Brown's Robinson turned down the job to take a coaching position at lovely Oregon State. Really? Oregon? Okay Craig, have fun with the daily rains, terrible climate, and stoner campus. (Okay, the stoner crack was below the belt)

The search has gone so bad...How bad is it?

That we have even considered controversial coach Fran Fraschilla, who got fired from his last two jobs after a run in with players at St. Johns, while at New Mexico his players' GPA's were lower than Joba Chamberlain's ERA. This is like the sports equivalent of going up to a girl at a club, having her reject you, going up to another one, having her reject you, and then saying "fuck it, I'm gonna go talk to that skank over there, see whats up"

So whats next? It seems as if PC is waiting for its dreamgirl, in this case Larry Brown. This signing would both provide a splash in national news while giving Friar fans hope that we can, I dont know, win a Big East Tournament game or two. It's up to Bob Driscoll to make this happen, because we are running out of candidates. Thanks Tim Welsh for making a head coaching position at PC so undesireable. You Suck.

Yankees Just Can't Score Runs...

What the fuck is going on with the New York Yankees? A 4-4 start isnt something to go crazy about just yet, as its only April, but the lack of run support for their starting pitchers is just disgusting. Injuries cant be used as an excuse just yet, there are more than enough great all around hitters (Cano, A Rod, Abreu) to get this lineup going.

What pisses me off the most is how every Yankee fan I know swears that "Pitching wins championships" which I can not disagree with. The Yankees recent postseason woes have been because good pitching beats good hitting. The Yankees for the most part, have been getting good pitching, with their starters keeping them in the game. Ian Kennedy was the only starter to have a "bad" start so far, and even in a losing effort, other pitchers were victimized by "The Bronx Bombers" inability to plate runs. I'm sorry but we should be able to spot the Royals 5 runs before the game starts and still outscore them.

I don't mind winning close games. Most times in the playoffs it is the team that is on the right side of a 3-2, or 2-1 decision that advances to the next round. These type of games test the chemistry and clutch performance of a team. Rattling off a 10-8 victory is great, but letting up 8 runs is not. So far, the Yankees pitching has been as advertised, Wang and Mussina are solid (so far) at the top of the rotation, and young stars Hughes and Kennedy are still learing the nuances of the league.

The Yankees' starters dont have to be Cy Young candidates to be effective. I would say that if you can last 6-7 innings before turning the ball over to middle relief, Joba, then Mo while keeping the team in the game, that is a quality start, something that the Yankees have had this year. Unfortunately, the bats haven't given any run support to help the starters out.

I know its still April, but the Yankees need to get this slump out of their system and start scaring teams with a combination of solid pitching and timely hitting.

Rediculous Freestyle Battle

Ok. Ok. I kinda feel bad laughing at this but that dude Eli has got some RHYMES SON. LOL @ the bisexual bridal shower line. Can you imagine losing in a battle to this cat? Envy better step his game up and come correct next time before Eli embarrasses him again.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bengals Continue to Prove My Point

Celtics Destroy Pacers, Make History

The Celtics massacred the Indiana Pacers last night 92-77, matching and NBA record for the biggest season-to-season turnaround in terms of wins. This, their 60th win of the season came rather easily, as the Celtics had the advantage early on. The 2007-08 Boston Celtics are an astounding 36 games better than they were last year, when all of us Celtics fans thought that the saving grace for the franchise came in the form of a number 5 draft pick.

This Celtics team is happy about the turnaround, but clearly has their eyes on something else, what matters most you ask? "A championship does," said James Posey, a member of the Miami team that won the 2006 title. "That's what you play for."

Garnett led the way once again with 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Leon Pown continues to impress, coming of the bench to score 14 of his own. While this bench production is fantastic, it could present some coaching problems for Doc Rivers in the playoffs. Coming off the bench are guys like Sam Cassell, Leon Powe, Glen Davis, Eddie House, James Posey, and PJ Brown. Clearly all of these guys won't be as big a part of the rotation as they were all season, or does Doc have the remedy for this problem. We'll just have to wait and see.

Chris Henry in Trouble With The Law...Again

CINCINNATI -- Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry is in trouble again, accused by an 18-year-old man who told police that Henry hit him in the face and broke his car window with a beer bottle.

Henry, 24, was charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal damaging in the Monday incident in Cincinnati. A warrant for his arrest was issued Wednesday, and Henry surrendered, a police spokesman said.

Henry was being held in the Hamilton County jail pending a court appearance Thursday.

The player has had a string of problems with police. He most recently was in court last week after being ticketed for driving with expired Kentucky license plates. He paid $149, according to the Hamilton County Municipal Court records.

Henry, who was arrested four times during a 14-month span, was suspended by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the first half of last season for repeatedly violating the league's conduct policy.

What is this guy thinking? How the hell can you be a professional athlete and get arrested four times in a little over a year? Just go sit down somewhere until training camp Chris. This further proves my point that the Bengals are still the most pathetic franchise in sports. They had one good year and are falling apart at the seams like the "Bungles" of old. Chad Jackson is openly campaigning to get traded on the NFL network and ESPN almost daily. Grown men are attacking 18 year old teenagers, and the coach must be fed up with all this. I really feel bad for the fans of the Bengals, if there are any left that is.

When players on your own team dont seem to give a damn about the organization, how are the fans supposed to care? The Bengals are destined for mediocrity, and once Chad leaves, forget about any sort of national attention. It is these type of problems that separate the average from the great. Kevin Faulk gets busted for some blunts, who cares? The Bengals love getting arrested, which takes a players focus off of the game and off of his teammates. Keep getting locked up Bengals, you'll be wearing another orange outfit soon enough.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bruins Still Have Work To Do

The Boston Bruins are taking destiny in their hands tonight as they take on the 4th seeded New Jersey Devils at 7 o'clock. A win tonight, coupled with a Carolina loss will give the Bruins the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs, currently scheduled to play the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs and Penguins are tied for first place in the Eastern Conference and the second place finisher will face a hungry Bruins team that has played fairly well, considering the fact that they lost two of their best players, Patrice Bergeron and Andrew Alberts to injuries early on in the season.

The Bruins can not afford to be a one and done team come playoff time. This season was supposed to be different, new coach, new attitude, all that bullshit. I'm not saying I expect the Bruins to even sniff the Stanley Cup this year, but I do expect at least one series victory. This could be a tough task against the Canadiens, who we still havent even beat this season.

Playoff Hockey cant be beat, and it has killed me to watch the last few years and not see the Bruins involved in any kind of playoff matchup. This year I must admit that I am excited at the prospect of the Bruins presenting some interesting matchups for the Eastern Conference playoff teams. Tim Thomas has shown that he can make the big save here and there, but he has been inconsistent throughout his career, and the playoffs is the last place you want to be inconsistent. Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara have been helping out on both sides of the puck, and 19 year old Milan Lucic does it all on the ice.

The Bruins have two more games remaining after the Devils game, taking on the Senators and then the Sabres. Hey, 3 out of 3 ain't bad.

Hillary Has A Secret!!

Clearly, Bill isn't the only Clinton who gets some extracurricular ass on the side. Found this today and had to put it up, hilarious take on Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel's im F***ing Matt Damon/Ben Affleck/Bagger Vance/Chewbacca video. Check it. NOW!

Yankees Take First Game of Season

The New York Yankees and Melky Cabrera opened up the 2008 season in grand fashion last night, defeating the Toronto Blue Jays 3-2. Cabrera, batting in the ninth spot connected with a sixth inning pitch and put it over the right field wall to give the Yankees the lead. 2 innings earlier, Cabrera demonstrated his speed and tenacity, robbing Lyle Overbay of a sure double, leaping against the centerfield wall to make the spectacular catch. One batter later, Cabrera was forced to race to his right as he threw his glove at the ball and made a tumbling snag.

Chien-Ming Wang came in and did exactly what the Yankees needed him to do, which was go out there and give us 6-7 solid innings. He only surrendered two runs, but did not figure in the decision. Joba Chamberlain came out and fired up the crowd, striking out Frank Thomas to end the 8th, and in the 9th Mariano Rivera came in to slam the door and pick up his first save of the season. Joe Girardi couldn't have been more pleased with his team's effort in the season opener.

"You look forward to this day from the time I signed as manager," he said. "You do all of the preparation up until Spring Training, and all of the preparation during Spring Training, and what all of the coaches did. I saw it pay off tonight.

"I saw a guy scoring from first tonight and running very easily, and I saw guys hitting triples. It's an unbelievable feeling when you actually get to play for real, because that's what you work for."

What we saw was great pitching, opportunistic hitting, and great baserunning, which will lead to great things for this 2008 version of the Yankees.

Tonight the Yankees face the Blue Jays in the second game of the series at Yankee Stadium. Struggling Veteran Mike Mussina will step in for the injured Andy Pettite, who has been pushed back to Saturday. Mussina is hoping to get the season started off on a good note, as he struggled a bit last year. He is a very important member of the Yankees' rotation and will need to get his share of wins for the ball club.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yankees Opening Night Tonight (7:05)

Mother Nature had other plans for Yankee Stadium on Monday afternoon, turning the house that Ruth built into a house of horrors for the grounds crew members. Working feverishly to get the game in, the umpires called the game after an 85 minute rain delay.

The game against the Toronto Blue Jays has been rescheduled for tonight at 7:05 p.m., however more rain is expected in the city today.

Regardless, the Yankees are excited to begin this 2008 campaign, their first with new skipper Joe Girardi, and last in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are currently constructing a new Yankee Stadium across the street to be ready for Opening Day 2009. Unquestionably, a great deal of Yankees wanted to play the game yesterday but realized that it wasn't in the cards.

"The fans have always been great -- hopefully they'll come back tomorrow," Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter said. "Everyone gets excited, and you have butterflies and those kinds of things. You want to get the games under way, and you want to get the first one under your belt. It's disappointing, but we couldn't have played today."

Unfortunately, the Yankees have early season series against teams such as Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, etc, which could provide some more weather problems. Hopefully they can get the first pitch in on time tonight however.

TOR @ NYY 7:05 Pm Wang (0-0) vs. Halladay (0-0)

Friday, March 28, 2008

More Cheaters Footage...This Time A Pimp...

Since I found that link of the two mexicans brawling over that skeezy, I decided to research some of Cheaters' funnier moments. I don't know what it is about the show, maybe it's the host's willingness to destroy lives on national television, or maybe it's the cheaters themselves, who always seem to have some sort of quirk to them.

This man's name is Bo and he is an old school G. His woman doesnt like him eating out with other ladies so he cuts her off. Comedy at its finest. Enjoy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celtics Get It Done, Beat Suns

The Celtics continued their impressive run of Western Conference domination last night, defeating the Phoenix Suns 117-97 at the TD Banknorth Garden. Ending a mini-skid, the Celtics were not about to collapse in the second half, as they pulled away on a series of mid-range jump shots by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Garnett had 30 points, one less than his season high. The Big Ticket also buckled down on defense in the second half, limiting Amare Stoudamire as much as possible. New Suns Center Shaquille O'Neal had 16 points, but Snaq was frustrated for much of the game.

Kendrick Perkins had another monster game, dropping 13 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Ray Allen also had a quiet 14 points, and all 5 Boston starters finished in double figures. Rajon Rondo played well, as he continues to silence critics and members of the league.

The Celtics are now only 4 games away from completing the biggest turnaround in league history in consecutive seasons. One of the worst teams in the league last year, the addition of KG, Ray Allen, as well as bench players like Posey and House have turned the Celtics into the team to beat going into the playoffs. Paul Pierce was more than happy to describe his team's transformation.

"I couldn't have imagined it a year ago," Pierce said, thinking back to the seven-for-one trade that bought Garnett out of Minnesota over the summer. "The whole face of the Celtics turned around when the trade happened with this guy. Everyone talks about MVP, and they talk about numbers, but this guy has changed the whole culture around here."

The Celts still have some tough games coming up, but will try to go into the playoffs on a roll while defining roles for some of the players on the team in terms of playoff rotation.

Dude Catches His Girl Cheating THEN Gets KO'd


Came across this the other day online, this dude that hosts Cheaters is kinda bad ass. I wouldn't want to run up on an angry Puerto Rican looking for a fight. Wait for his comment at the end.

Here's the story, this dude catches his girl banging another dude in his car, and then approaches the vehicle. He finds a dude who looks just like him, and confronts him. What happens next is a spectacular asswhooping, although both dudes throw like bitches. Check it out...

Dude Catches his Girl Cheating and Then Gets Knocked Out
Seriously, the guy she's cheating with looks identical to the guy she's dating. If you have a corn rows, there's a good chance you can have your way with this chick.
Get humor videos at NothingToxic

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Is your bracket busted yet?

Chances are if you picked Duke to go to the final four, your bracket is fucked at the hands of West Virginia and Rhode Island's own Joe Mazzulla. Yeah, the same Joe Mazzulla who Coach K called the MVP of the game, the one who came off the bench to flirt with a triple double, while grabbing 11 rebounds versus ACC "powerhouse" Duke.

Nothing makes me smile quite like a Duke loss, but the game was doubly awesome as we got a chance to sit back and watch as another star was born on college basketball's greatest stage. Beating Duke is only a small part of what makes this West Virginia team dangerous. For one, Duke simply isnt that good. Make them play your game and make them miss the three point shot and you might as well be shooting fish in a barrel.

Not one player, with the exception of Greg Paulus' has shown me an ounce of heart during this entire season. DeMarcus Nelson was bent over by the Mountaineers' Joe Alexander and after being rejected and heckled, was held to just two points. This isnt a team that was ready for any kind of championship, and I feel bad for people who had them going further than the round of 16.


Davidson has been the story of the tournament so far, as their one man team is running roughshod throughout the bracket. Davidson first appeared on the national map by defeating UNC ten years ago as the heels stumbled out of the gate and managed an 8-20 record. Good to see they've finally arrived in the NCAA's, as their story is becoming this years "cinderella"

From the "good gambling news" department, all my final four picks are still alive, as opposed to last year when only 2 of my 4 teams survived the first weekend of the tournament. Texas, UNC, UCLA, Kansas are still alive, although I dont think that UCLA has what it takes to win it all. My pick is still UNC and they WILL win the NCAA championship this year.

Back after class with more links, as well as some albums for dat ass....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Yankees Involved Tussle vs. Rays!!!

And the world shook from its core, fire and brimstone rained down upon the heathens that would dare slide hard into second base, punishing those who dont "play the game right"

From the way this "brawl" is being covered, you would think that A Rod brought out Rocco Baldellis sister and banged her on the mound. Duncan slid hard into second, yes, but was it really that bad? Clearly some of the Rays, which is kiling me to type, took offense to Duncan, racing all the way to him before giving him a shove and yelling.

Bench clearing brawl? Please.

Simply another media creation like 911, Spygate, and Global Warming.

I know the DEVIL Rays have balls. Remember the fight against the Red Sox a few years ago involving Pedro? That was a bench clearing brawl, not this heightened conversation between two teams full of prospects.

Lets wait till this season when one of their pitchers inevitably hits A-Rod, only to get retaliation later on in the inning. Except if Mike Mussina is on the mound.

Looking Back: Barry Sanders

Based on the feedback from the Larry Bird piece, I decided to make "Looking Back" a theme on WCITGO. Today's edition is former RB Barry Sanders. As a kid I wanted to be Barry Sanders, and would constantly root for him to rush for more yards than that inarticulate, overrrated RB Emmitt Smith. If Barry had Emmitt's Offensive Line he may have rushed for a million yards, seriously one million yards. Well maybe not that much but still a lot. Heres to you Barry:


Whats up everyone? As head of WCITGO, I take pride in bringing you the hottest hip hop and R&B out there. But today, I have a treat for everyone. I'll be uploading albums from Fat Jon, 9th Wonder, Nicolay, Madlib, Obsidian Blue and much more. These albums are all alike in that they are instrumental albums which have no lyrics or vocals of any kind. Seeings as how this is midterm season, I figured these could help while you study while not distracting you with such great lyrics as:

From the window
To the Wall
While the sweat drops down my balls
Till all these bitches crawl

Around 4 Pm ill have some links up as well as more articles and links for the day, gotta go to class first though..Peace playas

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From the "Your Career is Over" File...

After complaining of a nagging case of hemorroids, it has been made public that Kaz Matsui will be out 4-5 days with a condition known as "Anal Fissures"

God Damn.

This seems to be like an injury that Mike Piazza would have, but Kaz Matsui...this shit is just too gross. On one hand, this is the funniest sports injury since Manny Ramirez's "intestinal turmoil" last summer. How the hell can you let your team get this kind of info to the public. You know someone like Bill Belichick would call this a "lower body injury". Why go there Astros? You're only inviting unneeded criticism from fans this year. You already have a Mitchell report survivor on your team, why this?

Oh yea, No Homo

LOL at the Houston ASStros

March 12, 2008 - Tim Welsh Day

Everyone rejoice!

The Providence Friars were defeated by the West Virginia Mountaineers 58-53 at the Big East Tournament in New York City. Shocked? Neither am I.

Head Coach Tim Welsh is now 1-9 in Big East Tournament play during his career at Providence College. Now before you roll your eyes and say that we haven't had a point guard this season, what was Welsh's excuse in 2001-02, when our team was loaded top to bottom, or in 2003-04 when Ryan Gomes was 1st team All America? Was it the players underperforming, or their coach simply being outmatched by better, more experienced, and SMARTER Big East Coaches.

Sure he was impressive at Iona, which is what gave him the credentials necessary to coach at the next level. However, his inexplicable coaching decisions, terrible relations with players, and fashionable hair style are better suited at another school. Think of how different this team would have been with studs like Rob Sanders and playmakers like Dwight Brewington. His relationship with players forces them out into lower programs where rather than losing on national tv to Georgetown, they can lose in 1,000 seat stadiums.

Welsh is gone. That much is clear. But I am still angry at the man.

He took my team during my senior year and transformed them into a shittier, less coachable version of last years team, who despite their "success" were still overmatched by better teams and better coaches. Hopefully whoever comes in next can turn the careers of Weyinmi Efejuku and Geoff McDermott around and turn them into dominant forces before its too late. All of these players are talented, (well at least most of them) and do not deserve to have their career ruined by the work of Providence basketball's Elmer Fudd.


March 12 - Forever remembered as Tim Welsh Day...thanks West Virginia

Lakers Vs. Rockets Sunday!

I'll admit it, before the season started I had no faith in the Houston Rockets. The "rockettes" as they were called, didn't really seem to jump out at NBA fans as a team to beat, especially in the ultra competitive Western Conference.

I was wrong.

The Rockets are in the midst of a 19 game win streak, approaching the NBA record of 33 games in a row, set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. The 2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers have a great chance to put the record to rest tonight when they take on the Rockets. The Lakers, spurred by the addition of Pau Gasol have been the best team in the Western Conference and the favorite to represent the Westside in the NBA Finals in June.

The Rockets have been riding great play by Tracy McGrady, Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston, and Forward Luis Scola, who came out of nowhere and is averaging around 10 points a game. The Rockets have a brutal 5 game schedule coming up, and in order to attack the record, they must defeat the league's frontrunning MVP candidate, Kobe Bryant.

Boston Bruins...The Most Up & Down Team In Sports

A little over two weeks ago, I was singing the praises of the newly physical Boston Bruins, who had been at the tail end of a six (thats right) six game winning streak. The last time the Bruins had a 6-game win streak going was 4 years ago! Excuse me for being excited. Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas was standing on his head and was one of the NHL stars of the week, as his superb play was the main reason for the Bruins' success.

Then something terrible happened.


The Bruins walked into Washington and got humbled to say the least, with both Goalies Thomas and Alex Auld getting touched up more than Governor Spitzer's "clientele". A 1-0 loss in overtime followed that game, and then another bitchslap, losing 8-2. It seems that in this game of hockey, momentum is the most important thing for playoff success, and after Sunday's shootout loss to the Rangers and last nights bitch slap against Ottawa, I have a few important questions about this team?

What happened to the Defense? I understand Chara is out and he eats up a lot of minutes, but there is no excuse for letting up only one goal against the Rangers and then getting lit up the next night. I mean 10-2, 1-0, 8-2? What the hell kind of hockey is that?

Where is the offense? The Bruins have not been able to score at all during this brief period. People are not making good choices with the puck ESPECIALLY on the Power Play. You cant expect your Goalie to give up 1-2 goals every night. Some games are going to have to be won with great offense, and this recent skid has shown me that they need to step their game up.

Who is their Goalie? GREAT teams, and I'm talking about title teams, ALWAYS have GREAT goaltending. This two goalie system is nice to give the other guy a breather, but what happens when one gets the hot hand? You cant sit Thomas for four games and then expect him to come back and be as effective. Treat these guys like starters and they'll play like starters, playing for your job every night like this starts to become the most important aspects of these guys games, and that takes away from the rest of the team.

The good news is that we will make the playoffs, unless we collapse over the last few weeks, but the B's are not giving me confidence that we can win a series, especially if our first round opponent is the Canadiens.


God damnit.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looking Back: Larry Bird

The Boston Celtics won their 50th game of the season last night, and are on their way to the 1st overall seed in the Eastern Conference. The last time the C's were this dominant, they had a guy by the name of Larry Bird.

Most of my peers knowledge of Larry Legend stems from stories told to us by our fathers, uncles, and grandparents. In 2008, we still cant grasp just how special a player Larry Bird was. His flair for the dramatic, as well as unorthodox passes and shots defined what type of competitor he was. He knew he was going to beat you, and he knew how he was going to do it.

Check out this video of some of Larry's best moments and look out for 1:55 into the video where he passes the ball off the backboard to himself.

There will never be another Larry Bird. Enjoy!

It Was All Good Just A Week Ago...

Let me be the first to say that I am sorry for allowing a week to go by without me posting on this site. A Week? Unforgivable.

I wish I had a cool story of what kept me away from here for a week, like a crazy spring break in Acapulco where I took flaming shots with Amy Winehouse while macking it to Amaya from the Real World, but sadly I was in Providence struggling with school work.

Let me just say if you are a second semester senior choosing classes for your last semester, dont sleep in during registration day. I woke up about 3 hours late and picked easily the worst classes in the history of PC. On an individual basis they might be cool, but their powers combined could make Superman cringe.

So please forgive me, but I'll have a whole bunch of new shit for you today and this week including my reactions to the NHL playoff picture, Dwayne Wade's decision to mail it in, and as always links to the newest hip hop albums including the new G Unit mixtape and Snoop Dogg album.

Check back in a few hours, and until then I'll be with Evangeline Lilly trying to figure out how to get off this damn island.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Utah Jazz Gettin It Done Off The Court (PICS)

Found these pictures of Jazz players having a fun time in Utah. Utah? Really? I didnt know they got down like that. That NBA life is crazy.

Favre To Retivre After 17 Seasvons

After 17 seasons, 3 MVP Awards, Countless QB Records, and a Super Bowl Title, Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre has decided to hang it up.

After an offseason that saw Favre answer countless questions about his availability and desire, Favre led the Packers to the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion The New York Giants (cringe). Lets be honest for a second here. No one thought that the 2007 Packers would come close to the playoffs, nevermind being one of the final four teams! This speaks volumes about Favre's leadership and mentoring abilities as well as his dedication to his craft.

This season, Favre played as well as anyone could have asked for, outplaying many QBs who were younger than him. Sure he "just has fun out there" as John Madden says, but his flair for the dramatic and his competitive drive have made him a first ballot hall of famer without question.

I remember back in the mid 90's, watching the San Francisco 49ers play the Packers in what seemed like a yearly showdown. I was a big fan of Steve Young and Jerry Rice, but Favre seemed to best them every single time, showing off his spectacular arm and vision, while being assisted by Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks, and Dorsey Levens.

In Green Bay, where he is revered, the Packers will have a tough time replacing him, turning to former 1st round pick Aaron Rodgers next year.

Thank you Brett for 17 years of playing the game the way its supposed to be played and inspiring millions.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

The Boston Bruins got humiliated last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, losing 10-2 to the Capitals. The Bruins entered the game on a six game winning streak, the longest such streak in almost four years for the B's. The B's were embarrassed, as Alexander Ovechkin scored a hat trick, eclipsing 50 goals for the season.

I dont really know what to think about this loss, other than the fact that it deflated any momentum that we had created over the last few weeks. However as embarrassing as a 10-2 loss is, it was one of those games where every goal seemed to make it past Bruins goalies. While this may not have been a heartbreaking shootout loss, it is imperative that the Bruins do not let this game effect their focus in the next few games, as they have had a penchant for doing historically.

Dont do this to me Boston

Monday, March 3, 2008

Moss to ReUp with The Pats...while Avoiding E!SPN's Gossip

Its just another Sunday at Bristol, Conn where E!SPN is based. There are many great NBA highlights to sift through, as well as Hockey scores, where teams are marching towards the playoffs, not to mention the beginning of MLB's preseason.

Why then are we forced to endure another "sources say..." report from E!SPN's version of Ryan Seacrest, John Clayton. "Sources" told Clayton that Patriots Free Agent WR Randy Moss was considering a move to another team, this time with QB and former Vikings teammmate Dante Culpepper. Maybe it has something to do with world class sexual harraser Sean Salisbury's departrure from E!SPN that Clayton even had to cover the story in the first place. First of all, Randy Moss hadnt been a free agent for 48 hours before E!SPN chose to jump all over a story with no real basis or common sense.

What we had was a recounting of a conversation that Moss and Dante Culpeppe had with one another during their last season as Vikings. Now that theyre both finally free agents, E!SPN had to report this. Let me ask, does E!SPN really believe that Randy Moss would rather play with Culpepper than Tom Brady, and more importantly, did they believe that the Patriots werent going to bend over backwards to resign Moss, especially after losing Dante Stallworth to Free Agency?

For all we know, this conversation couldve been in jest, but just to get the gears going, E!SPN had to report this as News, although no team confirmed looking at Moss and Culpepper.

Moss will be in New England for the next three seasons, where he has the best chance to win that elusive ring and cement his hall of fame legacy.

Ill be waiting for the next rediculous E!SPN repo...

wait a minute...

Sources have just told me that Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens are contemplating a reunion, after a conversation at a 1998 party made it clear that they wanted to be teammmates again. And trust me, sources are never wrong.

Hilarious NBA Spoof....

HAHA the Suns know they messed up this time. Kudos for whoever made this

Friday, February 29, 2008

***DOPE*** Jay-Z - I Know (Live)

GOD DAMN this shit is smooth. This is probably my favorite song on American Gangster and the live rendition is pulled off flawlessly. Enjoy the video on youtube.

Someone Has Too Much Time On Their Hands

HAHA. I love this shit!

Tedy Bruschi Re-signs!!

The New England Patriots and veteran LB Tedy Bruschi have agreed on a contract that keeps the team leader in New England for his 13th season. Terms of the deal have not been made public as of yet, but I would say that the Patriots locked him up for the 2008 season, although Bruschi has maintained that he wants to play beyond this season.

I like this move for many reasons. Bruschi, although not as young or as quick as other linebackers on the market can still get it done. The man led the Patriots in tackles last season and as always, is a great leader and motivator on and off the field. He also knows the system as well as anyone, and rather than shell out money to a LB like Zach Thomas, the Krafts figured that Bruschi would be a better choice for the job.

Also, I dont think that I could picture Bruschi in anything but a Patriots uniform. Remember Adam Vinatieri? I'm not ready for another Patriot hall of famer to jump ship.

Lastly, Bruschi will the lynchpin of the defense this year and has a great deal of responsibility to lead a defense that will surely have more than a few new faces. In New England, where he is revered, overcoming challenges has never been a problem since his stroke in 2005. Here's hoping for a productive and rewarding season for Tedy and his family.

NFL Free Agent Madness!!

At the stroke of midnight last night, many NFL veterans became unrestricted Free Agents and therefore free to sign with any team that they like. Many star players are on this list and will most certainly be picked up by any organization that feels that they can produce in new surroundings.

Here are some of the more notable moves/releases/resignings of the day

Packers DE Corey Williams - Signed by Browns
Eagles CB JR Reid - Re-signed
Broncos DE John Engelberger - Re-signed
Titans WR David Givens - Released
Patriots LB Rosevelt Colvin - Released
Dolphins LB Zach Thomas - Signed by Cowboys
Chiefs LB Kendrell Bell - Released
Chiefs CB Ty Law - Released
Rams WR Isaac Bruce - Released
Panthers FB Brad Hoover - Re-signed
Texans WR Andre Davis - Re-signed
Panthers RB DeShaun Foster - Signed by 49ers
Steelers CB Allen Rossum - Signed by 49ers
Patriots WR Kelley Washington - Re-signed

There will surely be more moves made in the coming weeks, as stars such as Randy Moss, Asante Samuel, and Jonathan Vilma are still available. Keep checking back for updates.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Preview: Cavs Vs. Celtics

Tonight the new look Cleveland Cavaliers pay a visit to the Garden and the Eastern Conference Leading Boston Celtics. This game has a great deal of storylines, none more significant than the development of the Cavs roster. If the Cavs can get some production out of their new teammates, or at least enough to supplement the 30 that King James drops nightly, they could position themselves for a nice playoff run.

This should be a tune up for the Cavs, as they will test their mettle against a title contender for the first time with their new roster. PG Delonte West is in a funny position, starting opposite from his backup last year in Boston Rajon Rondo. Clearly Lebron James versus Paul Pierce is the matchup of the night as both teams rely heavily on their respective leaders to keep them in close games.

The Celtics match up well against the Cavs, as KG should have an easy time with Anderson Varejao, who is averaging just under 8 points a game. Newcomer Ben Wallace should play his brand of stifling defense down low, which will tempt the Celtics to work the ball around the perimeter and get open looks for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

It's also a homecoming of sorts for Delonte West and Wally Sczerbiak who make their way back to the Garden, where they spent last year with the C's. As key components of the Ray Allen trade, both men have been solid for the Supersonics this year before gettings shipped to Cleveland.

Ill be back tomorrow morning for the results and analysis. Enjoy!

**Exclusive** Mel Kiper on

I just came back from the combine, and I want to thank the great people of Indianapolis for their warmth and for not touching my hair, I also want to thank Todd McShay for making me look like a God on TV with your disheveld hair and lousy tie collection, you will never be me and your love affair with University of Arkansas's Running Back Darren McFadden disgusts me.

I have a few hours to kill before I go up to Boston and watch Matt Ryan's private workout and urine test, so ask away ... again, no questions about my hair and no questions about my 2001 mock draft.

*refuses autograph from kid*

*disregards call from Tommy Tommerville*

*eats donut*
*wipes mouth with NFL Combine press pass* are the Giants likely going with the top CB remaining with the #32* they did last year? Could they be getting the Jim Thorpe Award winner for the 2nd year in a row, in Antoine Cason?? I like him a lot because I hear he can also play the Safety position. What do you think & will he be available?

*adjusts glasses*

yes, I would say that Antoine Cason the 6 foot 190 pound corner out of Arizona would be an ideal selection for the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants at #31, because he would allow Corey Webster to go back to his more natural slot as a nickel, and Cason is an ideal ballhawking playmaking big corner that could take this defense to the next level, questions about his 40 were answered by his combine 4.49 and my very own private 40 outside my Howard Johnson's (4.44) on Saturday, its a good bet that the Packers at #27 would be looking at him as well.

New AZ album - The Undeniable coming soon...

If you know me, you should know that one of my favorite rappers of all time is Brooklyn's own AZ. The dude has consistently put out dope album after dope album, further solidifying his status as one of the most underrated MC's in the game. The Undeniable drops Tuesday, April 1st and knowing AZ, it will be a solid 4/5 album. Of course you'll find a link here when it drops so stay tuned.

Kevin Faulk Busted With 4 Blunts

Pats running back Kevin Faulk was arrested at a Lil Wayne concert in his home state of Louisiana and charged with marijuana possession, after police found 4 "hand rolled cigars" on him. 4 blunts? Didn't think that he had it in him, but nevertheless this doesn't help the already stressed out Patriots front office.

Faulk was searched by a security guard upon entrance to the event, which is where they found the ganj. You would think that a 3 time Super Bowl Champion could catch a break in his home state. I guess not. Maybe its time to start chilling with Ricky Williams.

4 Blunts??? Cant one of your boys hold it for you man?

***NEW*** Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary) LINK

Peep the new MJ album which is a remastered version of Thriller with remixes by Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, and is a snippet of what to expect from the album...


B's Keep Rolling Toward The Playoffs

The Boston Bruins were victorious again last night, defeating the 2nd place Ottawa Senators 4-0. The game was a hard hitting affair as early on several Boston Bruins made their presence known on the ice. Undaunted by being benched during his last game, Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas posted his sixth career shutout, making 29 saves.

David Krejci registered his 1st career goal off of a rebound with 2:37 left on the clock in the 1st period.

“Reich took it and we went in three on two,” said Krejci. “He made a pass to Shaef. Schaef took it to the net. Looch and I went hard to the net.”

Thomas made a spectacular ranging save, going from right to left to rob the Senators' Daniel Alfreddson during the third period. Although the goal was reviewed, it was correctly ruled a no goal as the B's held on for the shutout victory.

In perhaps their most complete effort of the season, the Bruins showed that they can beat a team that is considered a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. This should help them on Thursday as they take on the 4th place Pittsburgh Penguins who should be buoyed by the acquisition of Marian Hossa at the trading deadline.

NEXT GAME: vs. Pittsburgh
Thu Feb 28, 2008 -
7:00 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Randy Moss & The Patriots Close In On Deal

According to WEEI, The New England Patriots and Star WR Randy Moss are close to a multi year deal that will keep him in New England through the 1010 season. A 3 year deal is in the works that will pay him anywhere from 10-12 million per season.

After the disappointing loss in the game that we wont speak of, re signing Moss was one of the Patriots' main objectives. Losing WR Dante Stallworth and WR Jabar Gaffney made it clear the the New England front office wanted to come to a new agreement with the new single season TD reception holder.

The length of the contract makes sense, as Moss is getting up there in age but certainly can still contribute. A four or five year deal would have not made much sense, as his productivity would most certainly decline. Patriots fans should not expect another record setting season from the star receiver, but he will still be effective nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eugene Wilson No Longer A Patriot

In unsurprising news, it looks like underachieving safety Eugene Wilson will no longer call New England his home. He will become a free agent on Friday, effectively ending his stint with the New England Patriots. This comes as no surprise, as the often injured safety has seen his playing time decrease since filling in for Lawyer Milloy in 2003.

Wilson was a big part of the Patriots success during their 2003 run, as he was an important piece of the Patriots' overwhelming defense. He made a lot of great plays and big hits in the post season before injuring himself in the Super Bowl against the Carolina Panthers.

"I'm looking forward to moving on, and at the same time, I wish the best of luck to the Patriots because I don't think I'll be back there this year," Wilson said yesterday. "I'm excited to get into free agency to see what is out there."

Well, if any team needs a safety to play a game or two during the season, Wilson is their man. To say that he has lost a step due to his injuries is a compliment. Coming back from several injuries is certainly hard, but aside from his interception off of Phillip Rivers in the AFC Championship game, he hasn't made that many great plays.

Other than that, hes a prick in person who doesn't tip at the bar and expects to be treated like Tom Brady everywhere he goes (trust me)

Celtics Get Back to Winning Ways

The Celtics ended a subpar Western Conference road trip with a convincing victory over the Los Angeles Clippers last night 104-76. After dropping the first 3 games of the trip, the men in green rallied and won their last two games, turning a 3 game losing streak into a 2 game winning streak.

I know the detractors were getting ready to fire up their laptops and email their friends, ready to say "I told you so" after the C's jumped out to the best record in the NBA. However, you cannot forget that before these last few losses, the C's were undefeated in the much more competitive Western Conference.

Sure, the C's may have been slowed by fatigue and injuries, but that shouldn't stop them from a strong spring of playoff basketball. If Ray Allen can play with a bit more consistency, and KG can return to 100%, the C's will have no problem navigating through the serene Eastern Conference. The only teams I see giving the Celtics problems are the Pistons, due to their experience and the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers, whose roster was considerably upgraded thanks to a 3 team trade last week.

The C's should be able to bounce back and use this (gasp) 2 game losing streak as motivation to silence haters as they march towards number 17.

First the Oscar's, Now The SOTY's

We at WCITGO are now accepting applications and recommendations for the 2008 SOTY Awards. An acronym for Son Of The Year, the SOTYS recognize great accomplishments in the world of being a jackass. Do you know a jackass, a clown, someone who gaffes regularly, or lays down subpar mack to females? Nominate him or her for the SOTY's and I'll tell the story on the site. Celebrities, Athletes, and Politicians are all eligible for the SOTY's as are regular people just like you and me. Happy voting, and remember...if your favorite gas station is SUNoco, your favorite singer is SUNjaya or your favorite team is the Phoenix SUNs, you may be a son. Sorry.

Barry Bonds To The Devil Rays??

The hottest rumor in the MLB is Barry Bonds and his status for the 2008 regular season. Apparently, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays have expressed interest in signing the embattled slugger to a one year deal. This could benefit both parties, as acquiring Bonds would surely increase attendance at Tropicana Field (more juice than ever), while at the same time, enjoying the luxury of the DH and concentrating on simply hitting home runs.

This would easily be the biggest deal in Rays franchise history if it went down, and I'd like to see Bonds in the AL East where fans in Boston and New York would surely make his life on the road a living hell. However, many sports fans do not want Bonds to play any longer due to the fact that he already has the career home run record (albeit tainted) and any homers hit would be adding to it.

Also, doesn't Barry have this whole criminal investigation thing to worry about? Either way, Baroid will be sharing a cell with Roger Clemens in no time.

From the Bizarre File:

Apparently, snowball fights can be more dangerous than we thought. A kid got killed in Philly for throwing one at a passing car. This isnt that funny, but it is out of the ordinary and therefore, eligible for nomination into the Bizarre File. What's next, shooting someone over a pair of sneakers? Oh wait...

Anyway heres the link to the article:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aaries Spears killing it as Micheal Jackson

Dude is rediculous with his impressions...peep

Bruins Win A Shootout...Again!

The Bruins just beat the Florida Panthers 5-4 after a successful shootout period. Down 4-2 in the 3rd period, the Bruins scored two goals to tie the game at 4 at the end of regulation. Who wouldve known that it would be the Panthers to squander a 2 goal 3rd period lead and not the Bruins. Of course it was Captain Zdeno Chara and Phil Kessel scoring the tying goals in the third period with G Auld making a bunch of key saves. This give the B's a lot of momentum going into next week, as they recharge and try to climb the Eastern Conference standings.

Get Me A WHOPPER!! (Ghetto Version)

HAHA...I found this online the other day, Hilarious

Kobe and the Lakers Reign Supreme

In one of those "must see" NBA games, the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted the Phoenix Suns 130-124 in Arizona. Kobe went off last night, going 16-25 from the field and dropping 41 points on the Suns. Newly acquired F Pau Gasol also had a huge night, scoring 29 points. A game like this has to make the Lakers the favorite in the Western Conference, where everyone is scratching and clawing to get to the top of the division.

This presents an interesting and fortunate situation for the teams coming out of the Eastern Conference. Teams like the Spurs, Lakers, Suns, and Mavericks all made great moves before today's trade deadline and will surely beat on each other during the playoffs. Teams like the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons can benefit from this, as their respective roads to the finals are considerably easier thanks to the subpar Eastern Conference.

I really like the Lakers coming out of the West however. When C Andrew Bynum returns from his injury, they can move Gasol out to the four position and go big, as opposed to playing small with Gasol down low. Id really like to see a 7 game Suns vs. Lakers series, although I dont think that D'Antoni wants that.

***BRAND NEW*** Pete Rock - NY's Finest (LINK)

So here it is yall, Pete Rocks's new studio album, NY's Finest. He's got a lot of dope mcs on this album, and of course some of the dopest beats in hip-hop. Pete shows why he is one of the legends of hip hop producing, and also spits some decent lines throughout the album. 914 ft Sheek Louch and Styles is my favorite joint on the album, takes me back to 96 haha!! Anyway enjoy the album people...

01. Pete Intro
02. We Roll (feat Jim Jones & Max B)
03. `Till I Retire
04. 914 feat (Styles P & Sheek Louch)
05. Questions (feat Royal Flush)
06. Best Believe (feat Redman)
07. Ready Fe War (feat Chip-Fu & Rene)
08. Don't Be Mad
09. Bring Y'all Back (feat Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Phonte & Joe Scudda)
10. The Best Secret (feat Lords Of The Underground)
11. That's What (feat Rell)
12. The PJ's (feat Raekwon & Masta Killa)
13. Made Man
14. Let's Go (feat DJ Doo Wop)
15. Comprehend (feat Papoose)


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Bruins Win a Shootout!

Well dont you know, the Boston Bruins won a shootout last night against the Carolina Hurricanes. Given their anemic shootout record since the new rules went into effect, this comes as a pleasant surprise to Bruins fans. What was not so surprising however was the fact that they squandered a 2 goal lead in the final minute before hanging on through overtime. We all know that the Bruins have a penchant for letting teams get back in games, but this was rediculous. In the shootout, Phil Kessel scored on a nifty five hole shot on G Ward of Carolina. At least they beat one of the top 3 teams in the conference. This improves his shootout history to 8 of 14 attempts, quietly making himself into one of the best shootout artists in the NHL. Either way, it was a big two points last night as the playoff picture is starting to take shape. Oh yea, and Milan Lucic got into two fights last night after recieving the Bruins' Hard Hat Award. Gotta love it.

Playoff Outlook:
1 OTTAWA* 60 35 20 5 75 204 177 19-11-2 16-9-3 4-5-1
2 NEW JERSEY* 60 34 21 5 73 161 143 19-11-1 15-10-4 6-2-2
3 CAROLINA* 63 30 28 5 65 183 201 15-11-3 15-17-2 5-4-1
4 MONTREAL 61 33 19 9 75 192 172 14-10-5 19-9-4 6-4-0
5 PITTSBURGH 60 34 21 5 73 177 161 18-10-3 16-11-2 6-3-1
6 NY RANGERS 62 30 24 8 68 157 155 19-13-0 11-11-8 6-2-2
7 BOSTON 59 30 23 6 66 155 160 14-12-3 16-11-3 5-4-1
8 PHILADELPHIA 60 30 24 6 66 186 174 13-11-5 17-13-1 2-7-1
9 BUFFALO 59 28 23 8 64 173 166 15-9-3 13-14-5 6-2-2
10 NY ISLANDERS 60 28 25 7 63 150 174 16-12-3 12-13-4 4-5-1
11 WASHINGTON 60 28 26 6 62 171 185 15-13-1 13-13-5 5-4-1
12 ATLANTA 61 29 28 4 62 165 195 16-14-2 13-14-2 6-3-1
13 FLORIDA 62 27 29 6 60 169 178 12-12-5 15-17-1 5-4-1
14 TORONTO 61 25 27 9 59 168 194 15-11-5 10-16-4 5-4-1
15 TAMPA BAY 59 25 28 6 56 171 193 15-14-2 10-14-4 5-4-1

Paul Pierce YAMMMS on Camby!

Yea yea, the Celtics lost last night. But heres a link of Paul Pierce absolutley banging on Denver's Marcus Camby, one of the best defenders and shot blockers in the league.

P.S. Ive been slacking hard, so keep patient and check back for new updates

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Im Back!!

Whats going on world? I just got back from an awesome snowmobiling trip in Vermont. There was about 5 feet of snow on the ground, so when we werent digging sleds out, it was a lot of fun to ride. Im pissed that I missed the slam dunk contest (although i just watched it on youtube)

5 random thoughts:

1. The Dunk Contest is back as Magic Johnson is so fond of saying. What the world saw last night was an unprecedented display of imagination, athleticism, and pure skill. We knew in the weeks leading up to the contest that this one was going to be one for the ages, and thanks to Dwight Howard and Gerald Green, we were right.

2. The Gerald Green cupcake dunk was in my opinion the highlight of the show. Do I think he should have won the contest? No, because the judges take all dunks into account, not just the best one.

3. Dwight Howard amazed me for a few reasons. First all of his dunks were at least 45s or better in my book, a hallmark of consistency. Second, his athleticism is mind boggling considering his size. How many other 7 footers are throwing down dunks like that? Darko? Ben Wallace? Dwight has redefined the idea of a big man, and the Magic would be foolish to get rid of him.

4. Charles Barkley is the funniest sports commentator in America. Well maybe second right behind Bill Walton. These two need to start working together ASAP. Make it happen.

5. Im so glad the "stars" of the league dont participate in the dunk contest anymore. Although the Kobes, Vinces, Jordans of the world have wowed us with their dunks, its now time for the younger players to start making a name for themselves. Its going to be interesting to see whether or not Dwight Howard and Gerald compete next year.

Ill be back tomorrow with more albums, sports reporting, and links for dat azz


Friday, February 15, 2008

***CLASSIC*** Little Brother - The Listening (LINK)

Critically acclaimed as their best album, The Listening was Little Brother's formal introduction into the hip-hop world. 9th Wonder's beats fit perfectly as Pooh and Phonte weave complex and comedic rhymes. If you like A Tribe Called Quest mixed with a little bit of Gang Starr and De La Soul, you will love Little Brother. The Listening is one of my favorite albums of all time, and after one listen you will know why.

1. Morning [Explicit] 0:45 $0.99
2. Groupie Pt. 2 [Explicit] 2:58 $0.99
3. For You [Explicit] 3:03 $0.99
4. Speed [Explicit] 3:57 $0.99
5. Whatever You Say [Explicit] 5:27 $0.99
6. Make Me Hot [Explicit] 1:36 $0.99
7. The Yo-Yo [Explicit] 3:35 $0.99
8. Shorty On The Lookout [Explicit] 5:24 $0.99
9. Love Joint Revisited [Explicit] 4:25 $0.99
10. So Fabulous [Explicit] 4:43 $0.99
11. The Way You Do It [Explicit] 4:32 $0.99
12. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire [Explicit] 0:58 $0.99
13. The Getup [Explicit] 3:17 $0.99
14. Away From Me [Explicit] 5:23 $0.99
15. Nobody But You [Explicit] 3:01 $0.99
16. Home [Explicit] 2:49 $0.99
17. Nighttime Maneuvers [Explicit] 3:03 $0.99
18. The Listening [Explicit]

Whats On This Weekend

I thought I would start a segment each Friday outlining all the biggest games and events of the weekend. Naturally, I am biased towards hometown teams but will also shed light on important NCAA basketball games, etc.

Friday, February 15th
9:00 PM #24 Pittsburgh@ #25 Marquette

Saturday, February 16th
1:00 PM ET Virginia Tech at No. 5 North Carolina
7:00 PM Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs
NBA All Star Saturday Night (Skills Competition, D League All Star Game, 3 Point Contest, and The Slam Dunk Contest

Sunday, February 17th
8:00 PM NBA All Star Game

Jon Stewart From The Daily Show Wrecks Roger Clemens

To be fair, he also get on McNamee for being a son. Check out the full segment here:

***I'm going to Vermont this weekend for some Snowmobiling so I wont update until Monday***

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Great Moment in Journalism From the New York Post...


when does next season start??


Thanks to Pardini for the link...bizarre to say the least

***CLASSIC*** 2Pac - Me Against The World (Link)

MATW is probably my favorite 2pac records for a few reasons. This album was his last album released before his deal with Death Row Records, which ultimately shortned his career. Also, the album was released to much controversy as 2pac was in the middle of a rape case and was a victim of a shooting in New York City. This record features 2pac at his most aware, reminiscent of the old school and looking forward to the future, 2Pac Shakur was a true visionary.


password :

1. Intro
2. If I Die 2Nite
3. Me Against The World - (with Dramacydal)
4. So Many Tears
5. Temptations
6. Young Niggaz
7. Heavy In The Game - (with Richie Rich)
8. Lord Knows
9. Dear Mama
10. It Ain't Easy
11. Can U Get Away
12. Old School
13. Fuck The World
14. Death Around The Corner
15. Outlaw - (with Dramacydal)

****Important*** - To Download Music from This Blog...

All you need to do is download a free program called winrar that unzips the one file into however many songs the album contains. Click on the link below to download winrar. Also if there are any albums you'd like to request let me know and youll see them on What Channel Is The Game On?? really soon. Thanks and keep reading.

E!SPN Strikes Again

Turns out it isnt just Ron Jaworski having to refute reports.

A few hours after posting a report online suggesting Barry Bonds failed a steroid test in 2001, E!SPN posted a correction on its website, chalking up the error to a "typo" by a federal official. Apparantly, the failed test in question is the September 2000 test that everybody already knew about.

This makes me ask a few questions about the reporting of this test. Why didnt E!SPN factcheck and find out what test they were referring to? Why post misleading information on your website and network before all the facts are on the table? The answer lies in E!SPN's everlasting quest to be "The Worldwide Leader In Sports". Being the first to report another Bonds positive test only proves that point and pads their already bloated ego.

While the information leak isnt E!SPN's fault, it surely seems that they were too quick to pull the trigger on a quick news story. Stick to the best highlight ever and trying to find something to do until next football season.

Hey, I heard Tony Romo is on vacation, quick Ron the batmobile

NBA Slam Dunk Contest Tomorrow Night!!!

In honor of one of the most exciting events in sports, here is the top 20 dunks of all time by non dunk contest winners. I got this from another site, but figured it was a good idea. Check out Pippen from the foul line at number 19.

***NEW*** Clipse & Re-Up Gang - We Got It For Cheap 3(Link)

This is the third installment of the Clipse's We Got It For Cheap series. Featuring Sandman and Ab-Liva, the Re-Up Gang is back to what they do best, rapping about slanging coke. Hey, at least they're creative with it and come original. The Re-Up Gang shines over classic tracks by Dr Dre, Raekwon, and Kanye West as well as more contemporary tracks like Shawty Lo's "They Know" which they change to "They Know Yayo". Great Stuff. Peep the Lil Wayne diss too


01 Here’s What They Think About You Interlude

02 Intro

03 Show You How To Hustle

04 Roc Boys

05 20K Intro

06 20K Money Making Brothers On The Corner

07 Dey Know Yayo

08 500 Birds Interlude

09 Scenario 2008

10 Good Morning

11 Rainy Dayz

12 Emotionless

13 Fuck You

14 Bring It Back

15 Cry Now

16 Sand Solo

17 Liva Solo

18 Real Niggaz

Baseball On Trial: Opening Pandora's Box

February 13th 2007 will go down in history as one of the most significant and unprecedented days in modern sports. First Ballot Hall of Famer Roger Clemens faced off in Congress against the selective memory of former trainer Brian McNamee. For hours, both men were bombarded by questions from honorable congressman who clearly forgot that there are bigger things to worry about than a single pitcher and trainer. My problem with this entire spectacle is that one of these men is 100 percent lying to Congress, MLB fans, and America. I'm also having a hard time wrapping my mind around why Roger Clemens would go to these lengths to clear his name if indeed he did use performance enhancing drugs. I mean, Barry Bonds ruined his name and is facing criminal charges for perjuring himself in court last summer. Didnt Roger watch any of this coverage? He must have because he clearly knows the consequences that he will face if it is proved that he lied and took steriods.

Clearly, both men are not likeable people and it makes me feel that the "winner" of this case will be simply the lesser of two evils. It reminds me of the 2004 presidential election, you had the Texas boy trying to save his presidency amid much chaos up against the unlikeable challenger who no one wanted to see win. Personally, I would like to see Roger beat this case, but unfortunately for him and his legacy, his name and good track record may never be repaired. Needless to say, there are a great deal of holes in both parties' stories and before we move on, there needs to be a great deal of questions asked and even more witnesses testimonies in regards to this scandal.

Vote in the poll on the right and let me know who you believe in this bizarre