Wednesday, April 9, 2008

UMASS With Another Absurd Display

Saw this on and frankly, I am not the least bit surprised.

Umass is celebrating the fact that they are the 66th best basketball team in the country by selling NIT finalists shirts. Who the hell does this, really? This is the same school that had a riot when their division I-AA team went to the finals of their league. I can understand a Division 1 National Championship guys, but why the hell would you create these shirts. Seriously this is just absurd, can you imagine a "2007 New England Patriots Super Bowl Participants Shirt". How many Memphis Tigers' "2008 Runner Up" are being proudly worn in Tennessee. I wonder if those assclowns from western Mass rioted when Ohio State crushed their dreams of mediocrity during the NIT.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting UMASS a number of times. Go to the bars there, and if you don't laugh your ass off at the patrons of these fine establishments, you may be socially retarded. Johnny College over here with his pitcher of Miller Lite leaning with it and then rocking with it, Tipsy McStagger falling over the dance floor in a rhythm-less fashion, while grilling your date and chest bumping you. High School All Stars and Gym Class Heroes whose affinity for mid level sports rivals their affinity for hair gel and Growing Up Gotti wardrobes. It's no wonder I wanted to fight half these idiots. And if you purchased one of these shirts, I want to fight you too.

So have fun Umass with your middle of the road athletics, or you can wait for your team to do something of merit before making an ass out of yourself, your university, and your parents. I heard the tennis team is doing well this year. Whats gonna happen when you go to the championships? "FUCKING RAAAAGEEE...did you see that ACE? Shit was Money!!!" Calm down, everyone is laughing at you.

Oh yea, and we're about to take your coach, bitches.

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