Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bruins Still Have Work To Do

The Boston Bruins are taking destiny in their hands tonight as they take on the 4th seeded New Jersey Devils at 7 o'clock. A win tonight, coupled with a Carolina loss will give the Bruins the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs, currently scheduled to play the Montreal Canadiens. The Habs and Penguins are tied for first place in the Eastern Conference and the second place finisher will face a hungry Bruins team that has played fairly well, considering the fact that they lost two of their best players, Patrice Bergeron and Andrew Alberts to injuries early on in the season.

The Bruins can not afford to be a one and done team come playoff time. This season was supposed to be different, new coach, new attitude, all that bullshit. I'm not saying I expect the Bruins to even sniff the Stanley Cup this year, but I do expect at least one series victory. This could be a tough task against the Canadiens, who we still havent even beat this season.

Playoff Hockey cant be beat, and it has killed me to watch the last few years and not see the Bruins involved in any kind of playoff matchup. This year I must admit that I am excited at the prospect of the Bruins presenting some interesting matchups for the Eastern Conference playoff teams. Tim Thomas has shown that he can make the big save here and there, but he has been inconsistent throughout his career, and the playoffs is the last place you want to be inconsistent. Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara have been helping out on both sides of the puck, and 19 year old Milan Lucic does it all on the ice.

The Bruins have two more games remaining after the Devils game, taking on the Senators and then the Sabres. Hey, 3 out of 3 ain't bad.

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