Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Providence College Mens BBall Program is So Pathetic...

*Crowd yells*


The Providence College Mens BBall program is still trying to find that coach that can lead the Friars back to the promised land. You know a .500 record in the Big East. Ever since the cancer known as Tim Welsh ravaged what should be a good program, people seem to be afraid to coach here, or have anything to do with the program for that matter.

Welsh was fired on March 15, giving me an early birthday present and giving the city of Providence something to talk about while the 2008 baseball season is still in its infancy. The coaching search is going embarrassingly to say the least, as former Friar Jim Larranaga turned down a shitload of money to stay at George Mason, away from the hustle and bustle of the Big East and free from criticism from Friar fans.

The coaching search was further derailed when Brown's Robinson turned down the job to take a coaching position at lovely Oregon State. Really? Oregon? Okay Craig, have fun with the daily rains, terrible climate, and stoner campus. (Okay, the stoner crack was below the belt)

The search has gone so bad...How bad is it?

That we have even considered controversial coach Fran Fraschilla, who got fired from his last two jobs after a run in with players at St. Johns, while at New Mexico his players' GPA's were lower than Joba Chamberlain's ERA. This is like the sports equivalent of going up to a girl at a club, having her reject you, going up to another one, having her reject you, and then saying "fuck it, I'm gonna go talk to that skank over there, see whats up"

So whats next? It seems as if PC is waiting for its dreamgirl, in this case Larry Brown. This signing would both provide a splash in national news while giving Friar fans hope that we can, I dont know, win a Big East Tournament game or two. It's up to Bob Driscoll to make this happen, because we are running out of candidates. Thanks Tim Welsh for making a head coaching position at PC so undesireable. You Suck.

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