Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yankees Just Can't Score Runs...

What the fuck is going on with the New York Yankees? A 4-4 start isnt something to go crazy about just yet, as its only April, but the lack of run support for their starting pitchers is just disgusting. Injuries cant be used as an excuse just yet, there are more than enough great all around hitters (Cano, A Rod, Abreu) to get this lineup going.

What pisses me off the most is how every Yankee fan I know swears that "Pitching wins championships" which I can not disagree with. The Yankees recent postseason woes have been because good pitching beats good hitting. The Yankees for the most part, have been getting good pitching, with their starters keeping them in the game. Ian Kennedy was the only starter to have a "bad" start so far, and even in a losing effort, other pitchers were victimized by "The Bronx Bombers" inability to plate runs. I'm sorry but we should be able to spot the Royals 5 runs before the game starts and still outscore them.

I don't mind winning close games. Most times in the playoffs it is the team that is on the right side of a 3-2, or 2-1 decision that advances to the next round. These type of games test the chemistry and clutch performance of a team. Rattling off a 10-8 victory is great, but letting up 8 runs is not. So far, the Yankees pitching has been as advertised, Wang and Mussina are solid (so far) at the top of the rotation, and young stars Hughes and Kennedy are still learing the nuances of the league.

The Yankees' starters dont have to be Cy Young candidates to be effective. I would say that if you can last 6-7 innings before turning the ball over to middle relief, Joba, then Mo while keeping the team in the game, that is a quality start, something that the Yankees have had this year. Unfortunately, the bats haven't given any run support to help the starters out.

I know its still April, but the Yankees need to get this slump out of their system and start scaring teams with a combination of solid pitching and timely hitting.

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