Friday, March 28, 2008

More Cheaters Footage...This Time A Pimp...

Since I found that link of the two mexicans brawling over that skeezy, I decided to research some of Cheaters' funnier moments. I don't know what it is about the show, maybe it's the host's willingness to destroy lives on national television, or maybe it's the cheaters themselves, who always seem to have some sort of quirk to them.

This man's name is Bo and he is an old school G. His woman doesnt like him eating out with other ladies so he cuts her off. Comedy at its finest. Enjoy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celtics Get It Done, Beat Suns

The Celtics continued their impressive run of Western Conference domination last night, defeating the Phoenix Suns 117-97 at the TD Banknorth Garden. Ending a mini-skid, the Celtics were not about to collapse in the second half, as they pulled away on a series of mid-range jump shots by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Garnett had 30 points, one less than his season high. The Big Ticket also buckled down on defense in the second half, limiting Amare Stoudamire as much as possible. New Suns Center Shaquille O'Neal had 16 points, but Snaq was frustrated for much of the game.

Kendrick Perkins had another monster game, dropping 13 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Ray Allen also had a quiet 14 points, and all 5 Boston starters finished in double figures. Rajon Rondo played well, as he continues to silence critics and members of the league.

The Celtics are now only 4 games away from completing the biggest turnaround in league history in consecutive seasons. One of the worst teams in the league last year, the addition of KG, Ray Allen, as well as bench players like Posey and House have turned the Celtics into the team to beat going into the playoffs. Paul Pierce was more than happy to describe his team's transformation.

"I couldn't have imagined it a year ago," Pierce said, thinking back to the seven-for-one trade that bought Garnett out of Minnesota over the summer. "The whole face of the Celtics turned around when the trade happened with this guy. Everyone talks about MVP, and they talk about numbers, but this guy has changed the whole culture around here."

The Celts still have some tough games coming up, but will try to go into the playoffs on a roll while defining roles for some of the players on the team in terms of playoff rotation.

Dude Catches His Girl Cheating THEN Gets KO'd


Came across this the other day online, this dude that hosts Cheaters is kinda bad ass. I wouldn't want to run up on an angry Puerto Rican looking for a fight. Wait for his comment at the end.

Here's the story, this dude catches his girl banging another dude in his car, and then approaches the vehicle. He finds a dude who looks just like him, and confronts him. What happens next is a spectacular asswhooping, although both dudes throw like bitches. Check it out...

Dude Catches his Girl Cheating and Then Gets Knocked Out
Seriously, the guy she's cheating with looks identical to the guy she's dating. If you have a corn rows, there's a good chance you can have your way with this chick.
Get humor videos at NothingToxic

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Is your bracket busted yet?

Chances are if you picked Duke to go to the final four, your bracket is fucked at the hands of West Virginia and Rhode Island's own Joe Mazzulla. Yeah, the same Joe Mazzulla who Coach K called the MVP of the game, the one who came off the bench to flirt with a triple double, while grabbing 11 rebounds versus ACC "powerhouse" Duke.

Nothing makes me smile quite like a Duke loss, but the game was doubly awesome as we got a chance to sit back and watch as another star was born on college basketball's greatest stage. Beating Duke is only a small part of what makes this West Virginia team dangerous. For one, Duke simply isnt that good. Make them play your game and make them miss the three point shot and you might as well be shooting fish in a barrel.

Not one player, with the exception of Greg Paulus' has shown me an ounce of heart during this entire season. DeMarcus Nelson was bent over by the Mountaineers' Joe Alexander and after being rejected and heckled, was held to just two points. This isnt a team that was ready for any kind of championship, and I feel bad for people who had them going further than the round of 16.


Davidson has been the story of the tournament so far, as their one man team is running roughshod throughout the bracket. Davidson first appeared on the national map by defeating UNC ten years ago as the heels stumbled out of the gate and managed an 8-20 record. Good to see they've finally arrived in the NCAA's, as their story is becoming this years "cinderella"

From the "good gambling news" department, all my final four picks are still alive, as opposed to last year when only 2 of my 4 teams survived the first weekend of the tournament. Texas, UNC, UCLA, Kansas are still alive, although I dont think that UCLA has what it takes to win it all. My pick is still UNC and they WILL win the NCAA championship this year.

Back after class with more links, as well as some albums for dat ass....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Yankees Involved Tussle vs. Rays!!!

And the world shook from its core, fire and brimstone rained down upon the heathens that would dare slide hard into second base, punishing those who dont "play the game right"

From the way this "brawl" is being covered, you would think that A Rod brought out Rocco Baldellis sister and banged her on the mound. Duncan slid hard into second, yes, but was it really that bad? Clearly some of the Rays, which is kiling me to type, took offense to Duncan, racing all the way to him before giving him a shove and yelling.

Bench clearing brawl? Please.

Simply another media creation like 911, Spygate, and Global Warming.

I know the DEVIL Rays have balls. Remember the fight against the Red Sox a few years ago involving Pedro? That was a bench clearing brawl, not this heightened conversation between two teams full of prospects.

Lets wait till this season when one of their pitchers inevitably hits A-Rod, only to get retaliation later on in the inning. Except if Mike Mussina is on the mound.

Looking Back: Barry Sanders

Based on the feedback from the Larry Bird piece, I decided to make "Looking Back" a theme on WCITGO. Today's edition is former RB Barry Sanders. As a kid I wanted to be Barry Sanders, and would constantly root for him to rush for more yards than that inarticulate, overrrated RB Emmitt Smith. If Barry had Emmitt's Offensive Line he may have rushed for a million yards, seriously one million yards. Well maybe not that much but still a lot. Heres to you Barry:


Whats up everyone? As head of WCITGO, I take pride in bringing you the hottest hip hop and R&B out there. But today, I have a treat for everyone. I'll be uploading albums from Fat Jon, 9th Wonder, Nicolay, Madlib, Obsidian Blue and much more. These albums are all alike in that they are instrumental albums which have no lyrics or vocals of any kind. Seeings as how this is midterm season, I figured these could help while you study while not distracting you with such great lyrics as:

From the window
To the Wall
While the sweat drops down my balls
Till all these bitches crawl

Around 4 Pm ill have some links up as well as more articles and links for the day, gotta go to class first though..Peace playas

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From the "Your Career is Over" File...

After complaining of a nagging case of hemorroids, it has been made public that Kaz Matsui will be out 4-5 days with a condition known as "Anal Fissures"

God Damn.

This seems to be like an injury that Mike Piazza would have, but Kaz Matsui...this shit is just too gross. On one hand, this is the funniest sports injury since Manny Ramirez's "intestinal turmoil" last summer. How the hell can you let your team get this kind of info to the public. You know someone like Bill Belichick would call this a "lower body injury". Why go there Astros? You're only inviting unneeded criticism from fans this year. You already have a Mitchell report survivor on your team, why this?

Oh yea, No Homo

LOL at the Houston ASStros

March 12, 2008 - Tim Welsh Day

Everyone rejoice!

The Providence Friars were defeated by the West Virginia Mountaineers 58-53 at the Big East Tournament in New York City. Shocked? Neither am I.

Head Coach Tim Welsh is now 1-9 in Big East Tournament play during his career at Providence College. Now before you roll your eyes and say that we haven't had a point guard this season, what was Welsh's excuse in 2001-02, when our team was loaded top to bottom, or in 2003-04 when Ryan Gomes was 1st team All America? Was it the players underperforming, or their coach simply being outmatched by better, more experienced, and SMARTER Big East Coaches.

Sure he was impressive at Iona, which is what gave him the credentials necessary to coach at the next level. However, his inexplicable coaching decisions, terrible relations with players, and fashionable hair style are better suited at another school. Think of how different this team would have been with studs like Rob Sanders and playmakers like Dwight Brewington. His relationship with players forces them out into lower programs where rather than losing on national tv to Georgetown, they can lose in 1,000 seat stadiums.

Welsh is gone. That much is clear. But I am still angry at the man.

He took my team during my senior year and transformed them into a shittier, less coachable version of last years team, who despite their "success" were still overmatched by better teams and better coaches. Hopefully whoever comes in next can turn the careers of Weyinmi Efejuku and Geoff McDermott around and turn them into dominant forces before its too late. All of these players are talented, (well at least most of them) and do not deserve to have their career ruined by the work of Providence basketball's Elmer Fudd.


March 12 - Forever remembered as Tim Welsh Day...thanks West Virginia

Lakers Vs. Rockets Sunday!

I'll admit it, before the season started I had no faith in the Houston Rockets. The "rockettes" as they were called, didn't really seem to jump out at NBA fans as a team to beat, especially in the ultra competitive Western Conference.

I was wrong.

The Rockets are in the midst of a 19 game win streak, approaching the NBA record of 33 games in a row, set by the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers. The 2007-08 Los Angeles Lakers have a great chance to put the record to rest tonight when they take on the Rockets. The Lakers, spurred by the addition of Pau Gasol have been the best team in the Western Conference and the favorite to represent the Westside in the NBA Finals in June.

The Rockets have been riding great play by Tracy McGrady, Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston, and Forward Luis Scola, who came out of nowhere and is averaging around 10 points a game. The Rockets have a brutal 5 game schedule coming up, and in order to attack the record, they must defeat the league's frontrunning MVP candidate, Kobe Bryant.

Boston Bruins...The Most Up & Down Team In Sports

A little over two weeks ago, I was singing the praises of the newly physical Boston Bruins, who had been at the tail end of a six (thats right) six game winning streak. The last time the Bruins had a 6-game win streak going was 4 years ago! Excuse me for being excited. Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas was standing on his head and was one of the NHL stars of the week, as his superb play was the main reason for the Bruins' success.

Then something terrible happened.


The Bruins walked into Washington and got humbled to say the least, with both Goalies Thomas and Alex Auld getting touched up more than Governor Spitzer's "clientele". A 1-0 loss in overtime followed that game, and then another bitchslap, losing 8-2. It seems that in this game of hockey, momentum is the most important thing for playoff success, and after Sunday's shootout loss to the Rangers and last nights bitch slap against Ottawa, I have a few important questions about this team?

What happened to the Defense? I understand Chara is out and he eats up a lot of minutes, but there is no excuse for letting up only one goal against the Rangers and then getting lit up the next night. I mean 10-2, 1-0, 8-2? What the hell kind of hockey is that?

Where is the offense? The Bruins have not been able to score at all during this brief period. People are not making good choices with the puck ESPECIALLY on the Power Play. You cant expect your Goalie to give up 1-2 goals every night. Some games are going to have to be won with great offense, and this recent skid has shown me that they need to step their game up.

Who is their Goalie? GREAT teams, and I'm talking about title teams, ALWAYS have GREAT goaltending. This two goalie system is nice to give the other guy a breather, but what happens when one gets the hot hand? You cant sit Thomas for four games and then expect him to come back and be as effective. Treat these guys like starters and they'll play like starters, playing for your job every night like this starts to become the most important aspects of these guys games, and that takes away from the rest of the team.

The good news is that we will make the playoffs, unless we collapse over the last few weeks, but the B's are not giving me confidence that we can win a series, especially if our first round opponent is the Canadiens.


God damnit.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Looking Back: Larry Bird

The Boston Celtics won their 50th game of the season last night, and are on their way to the 1st overall seed in the Eastern Conference. The last time the C's were this dominant, they had a guy by the name of Larry Bird.

Most of my peers knowledge of Larry Legend stems from stories told to us by our fathers, uncles, and grandparents. In 2008, we still cant grasp just how special a player Larry Bird was. His flair for the dramatic, as well as unorthodox passes and shots defined what type of competitor he was. He knew he was going to beat you, and he knew how he was going to do it.

Check out this video of some of Larry's best moments and look out for 1:55 into the video where he passes the ball off the backboard to himself.

There will never be another Larry Bird. Enjoy!

It Was All Good Just A Week Ago...

Let me be the first to say that I am sorry for allowing a week to go by without me posting on this site. A Week? Unforgivable.

I wish I had a cool story of what kept me away from here for a week, like a crazy spring break in Acapulco where I took flaming shots with Amy Winehouse while macking it to Amaya from the Real World, but sadly I was in Providence struggling with school work.

Let me just say if you are a second semester senior choosing classes for your last semester, dont sleep in during registration day. I woke up about 3 hours late and picked easily the worst classes in the history of PC. On an individual basis they might be cool, but their powers combined could make Superman cringe.

So please forgive me, but I'll have a whole bunch of new shit for you today and this week including my reactions to the NHL playoff picture, Dwayne Wade's decision to mail it in, and as always links to the newest hip hop albums including the new G Unit mixtape and Snoop Dogg album.

Check back in a few hours, and until then I'll be with Evangeline Lilly trying to figure out how to get off this damn island.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Utah Jazz Gettin It Done Off The Court (PICS)

Found these pictures of Jazz players having a fun time in Utah. Utah? Really? I didnt know they got down like that. That NBA life is crazy.

Favre To Retivre After 17 Seasvons

After 17 seasons, 3 MVP Awards, Countless QB Records, and a Super Bowl Title, Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre has decided to hang it up.

After an offseason that saw Favre answer countless questions about his availability and desire, Favre led the Packers to the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl Champion The New York Giants (cringe). Lets be honest for a second here. No one thought that the 2007 Packers would come close to the playoffs, nevermind being one of the final four teams! This speaks volumes about Favre's leadership and mentoring abilities as well as his dedication to his craft.

This season, Favre played as well as anyone could have asked for, outplaying many QBs who were younger than him. Sure he "just has fun out there" as John Madden says, but his flair for the dramatic and his competitive drive have made him a first ballot hall of famer without question.

I remember back in the mid 90's, watching the San Francisco 49ers play the Packers in what seemed like a yearly showdown. I was a big fan of Steve Young and Jerry Rice, but Favre seemed to best them every single time, showing off his spectacular arm and vision, while being assisted by Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks, and Dorsey Levens.

In Green Bay, where he is revered, the Packers will have a tough time replacing him, turning to former 1st round pick Aaron Rodgers next year.

Thank you Brett for 17 years of playing the game the way its supposed to be played and inspiring millions.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

The Boston Bruins got humiliated last night at the Verizon Center in Washington, losing 10-2 to the Capitals. The Bruins entered the game on a six game winning streak, the longest such streak in almost four years for the B's. The B's were embarrassed, as Alexander Ovechkin scored a hat trick, eclipsing 50 goals for the season.

I dont really know what to think about this loss, other than the fact that it deflated any momentum that we had created over the last few weeks. However as embarrassing as a 10-2 loss is, it was one of those games where every goal seemed to make it past Bruins goalies. While this may not have been a heartbreaking shootout loss, it is imperative that the Bruins do not let this game effect their focus in the next few games, as they have had a penchant for doing historically.

Dont do this to me Boston

Monday, March 3, 2008

Moss to ReUp with The Pats...while Avoiding E!SPN's Gossip

Its just another Sunday at Bristol, Conn where E!SPN is based. There are many great NBA highlights to sift through, as well as Hockey scores, where teams are marching towards the playoffs, not to mention the beginning of MLB's preseason.

Why then are we forced to endure another "sources say..." report from E!SPN's version of Ryan Seacrest, John Clayton. "Sources" told Clayton that Patriots Free Agent WR Randy Moss was considering a move to another team, this time with QB and former Vikings teammmate Dante Culpepper. Maybe it has something to do with world class sexual harraser Sean Salisbury's departrure from E!SPN that Clayton even had to cover the story in the first place. First of all, Randy Moss hadnt been a free agent for 48 hours before E!SPN chose to jump all over a story with no real basis or common sense.

What we had was a recounting of a conversation that Moss and Dante Culpeppe had with one another during their last season as Vikings. Now that theyre both finally free agents, E!SPN had to report this. Let me ask, does E!SPN really believe that Randy Moss would rather play with Culpepper than Tom Brady, and more importantly, did they believe that the Patriots werent going to bend over backwards to resign Moss, especially after losing Dante Stallworth to Free Agency?

For all we know, this conversation couldve been in jest, but just to get the gears going, E!SPN had to report this as News, although no team confirmed looking at Moss and Culpepper.

Moss will be in New England for the next three seasons, where he has the best chance to win that elusive ring and cement his hall of fame legacy.

Ill be waiting for the next rediculous E!SPN repo...

wait a minute...

Sources have just told me that Jose Canseco and Roger Clemens are contemplating a reunion, after a conversation at a 1998 party made it clear that they wanted to be teammmates again. And trust me, sources are never wrong.

Hilarious NBA Spoof....

HAHA the Suns know they messed up this time. Kudos for whoever made this